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Villa Maria Show Review : STUFF

January 28, 2015

The Winery Tour has become just as much a summer fixture as the annual sweat-and-beer circuit of remote North Island pubs, and it’s because it’s a formula that hits its target market perfectly. 

The second outing for this year’s circuit was, suitably, at Auckland’s Villa Maria on the eve of the city’s anniversary day celebrations, a venue where it’s remarkably easy to forget how close you are to an international airport: good wine, deckchairs, gourmet burgers, sweeping columns of vines and kids sliding down the hill on sheets of cardboard – this as refined as pop gets.

It appeals, clearly, to those who have long tired of the filthy toilets and the moshpit. This was a firmly middle-class, middle-aged audience, but they needed no Lennon-esque exhortations to jangle their jewelry from the expensive seats – the sunhats and sundresses were up and dancing well before headliners Dave Dobbyn and Don McGlashan made the stage…

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